Borders Up: Designing your Landscape with Garden Fence

Borders Up: Designing your Landscape with Garden Fence

Garden fence is both aesthetic and functional for your landscape. It does not only border your property but also make your garden natural and attractive.

Also another function of the fence is protecting your vegetables, flowers, shrubs or trees. They can also be used as support for vines, legumes and other plants that need a vertical support.

These fences come in different materials. The prices range depending on what they are made of and design.

So before you place your garden fence in your landscape, make sure to consider your location and your garden so you can determine if everything fits the whole picture. Here are some of the garden fence ideas and the some valuable tips when installing your garden fence.

Bamboo Fence

This is the new addition to the materials used for garden fence. Bamboo is an economical choice for many gardeners and it is even an eco-friendly option rather the next ones that will be mentioned. With little attention from other people, it can grow easy and strong and provides you with enough shade against the intense heat.

This plant is very sturdy which makes it a very good choice for your garden fence. It will definitely look good on your garden especially if you are aiming for tropical landscape.


Vinyl is less decorative in appearance but you can make different designs out of this material. It also reduces maintenance. This material is very sturdy than any garden fence materials. Although it is quite expensive, it is rather a good investment since it can last for years.


This is the most common choice because of the aesthetic effect it brings to the garden. For any centuries, it was used in many homes for different functions. Wood can be incorporated in different ways making it a very versatile option for your garden fence.

The material can easily be available, can easily install and you can paint it with colors that complement your overall property. Also the maintenance cost is reduced and like vinyl, it can last for a long period of time.

Stacked Stones

This one is a unique material for your garden fence. This is a durable and supportive material for your border. Also they have aesthetic value to your landscape. However, this material might be time consuming and expensive to build for some homeowners.

Aluminum or iron

Aluminum fence is coated with chemicals which makes it resistant to harsh weather. This material has been one of the demanding ones for garden fence but sometimes it does not fit the budget of some gardeners.

So before you incorporate your garden fence to your landscape, make sure the material complement the overall design of the house. This is very essential factor to consider.

Everything from your garden to your landscape and to the exterior of the house, your garden fence should fit your overall design. Make sure it blends in and make your house and landscape stand out.

Make sure to choose the material that suits your landscape very well. The materials above are good and popular choice by homeowners so make sure to be smart in choosing your materials. Also make sure the material can resist harsh weather which your fence is constantly exposed to.

Another factor to consider is budget. Wood and bamboo are the inexpensive choices but make sure to set your budget so you can save money while giving your garden a beauty boost.

Garden fence brings style to your landscape and security to your property. This could prevent any animals such as deer and rabbit that will eat your vegetable and fruits or damage your garden. Also a garden fence reflects your personality.

Garden fence keeps you away from the eyes of your neighbors and gives you a private or quiet time with your lawn. So you won’t be bothered by anyone when your fences are up. It also keeps the burglar away making you feel safe and comfortable inside your property.

Garden fence are definitely important element to your landscaping project so make sure to properly plan the placement of your fence around your property. Incorporating it in your garden can be a success if you consider the factors above.

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