Breathe Life and Color to your Garden

Breathe Life and Color to your Garden

It does not matter if you have a small yard or a large landscape – there is always room for one or more flower gardens. Whether you want a small box full of bright-colored annuals or a container full of beautiful perennials, it could be possible.

If you live in an area with mild winter, then you can definitely enjoy flowers all-year round. However, for heavy winter areas, winter is a bad time for flowers.

Tips in Preparing your Flower Garden

Place them in the Center of Attraction

gardeningFirst, determine the focal point of the garden – it could be the very heart of the garden or the place where visitors gather around to have a look at your garden. You can place a garden structure such as fountain or birdbath in the area to add more creativity or beauty to your landscape. This will serve as the center of your flower garden.

Then make a list of all the flowers you want to plant and arrange them in order so you can plant a certain flower in this season and another type for next year. For example, after spring bulbs for spring, you can have summer zinnias, followed by fall mum and make use of potted poinsettias during winter.

Container Garden

To be more creative, you can use unusual shapes of container for your flower garden. A wagon can be an ideal garden. Create holes in this container for drainage and put your flower garden directly on the wagon.

Another way is putting the potted plants on the wagon and covering up the pots and soil with moss. If you have a wooden chair which is not being used, then you can remove the seat and replace it with a potted plant. You can use an area in your garden where you have benches and chairs you don’t really use have potted flowers in it.

You can also use small wooden containers and arrange your beautiful flowers on it and place it in your windowsill. This will definitely improve the aesthetic of your home.

Just be creative about it. You can use anything that can hold the soil and have holes for drainage.


If you have seen a commercial landscape in large buildings or amusement parks, then you must have the idea of a mini-landscape along with beautiful cottages. You can do the same in your garden and you might as well use a bird house as the cottage.

White flowers such as baby tear can be planted around your cottage. A trimmed rose bush to a tree will offer protection while small flower plants like sweet asylum and lobelia can create a boundary.  You can create a beautiful spring bulb garden with miniature daffodils, Iris and tulips.


Creativity is essential to make intricate designs out of your flowers. It might be a common design but does make a huge difference in your garden. Use a simple shape such as circle.

gardeningMake use of low growing flowers as the borders of your garden. Draw an X within the circle. Place one kind of flower in the middle and then fill up the triangles of the X with another one.

Use complementary colors as this will bring out a better result. Once you’re done, you will definitely have a garden which is visually appealing for your eyes that also enhances your overall landscape.

You can also use these flowers to spell initials. Make use of contrasting colors.

Flowers for Food Presentation

Flowers are not only used in the garden to beautify a landscape but it is also used in plates. Edible flowers are served in salads or decoration in desserts.

They are widely used by restaurants in order to make the dish more presentable to their diners. They make sure these flowers are not chemically-treated for the safety of their customers.

Flowers have definitely many uses. They breathe life to your all-green garden and bring more meaning to your landscape. It is refreshing and relaxing to watch your garden bloom in different colors all throughout the different seasons.

Make sure to plant your flower plants near spring so they can grow and bring life to your garden. Always be creative with your garden, this will bring out the beauty of your plants and flowers. No doubt, a flower garden is a colorful and beautiful way to improve your garden.

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