There’s a few things I would like to go ahead and disclaim right here.

First, realize that I’m not a “head” landscaper or “owner” of a landscaping company. I do work for one, my brother’s, but I am not the landscape designer. I suppose you could call me a landscaper though since I’ve been in the field and do actual installs.

Although many blog articles on this site will attempt to teach you something, realize that I’m not a teacher. There may also be guest posts on this site or people who write articles for this site which just post the article under my name, realize that I can not guarantee that they are teachers either. I can’t even tell you for sure if those other people are landscapers or not.

But do realize that I read over all posts which are submitted to me and make sure they pass my quality of information and writing before it gets published (or just after).

I’m also a blogger and have been for awhile. I blog about life in other areas but nothing of importance I suppose.

Other than that, I don’t really know anything else which I need to disclaim (or which you would want to hear about). If you have any questions, just head to the contact page.

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