I know the FCC (I think it is) likes to make sure we include disclosure pages so here’s mine. And it’s a good thing, right… to keep you informed.

I am a blogger and this is my site which I blog about landscaping and gardening stuff. If you sign up for my newsletter then note that I will send you emails, usually once a week, with some landscaping and gardener tips. I have an autoresponder set up which will automatically send you emails at a predetermined time after you sign up.

Currently my autoresponder does not include any affiliate marketing links, which means it doesn’t contain any links to other sites or products which if you link to that site and buy from that site after you linked to it from a link in my autoresponder, I would make a commission. I don’t have that set up as of right now. So to be clear, my newsletter autoresponder is not set up where I make commissions off of any links in it.

I may, however, down the road send emails which I don’t have set up in my autoresponder which link out to other products which if you buy through my link, I would make a commission. So just be aware of that. Note that I will tell you in my newsletter when a link is an affiliate link. Note, too that I may not write all the articles on this site. Sometimes I have a guest blogger who will write an article. You may or may not know it’s a guest article as sometimes writers will leave a bio box which talks about who they are, but sometimes they will just submit an article and say, “hey here’s an article to post, I put a link to my site in it but I don’t need credit in a bio box”. I might also even pay for an article and have someone else write the article and then post it under my name.

Thing is, I don’t have time to write on this site every day but I want it to be a good informational source for you. It can be that as long as the articles are good, informative, and helps you in some way. Note that I probably won’t tell you when I paid for an article or if someone else wrote it because sometimes the author doesn’t need or want the credit. If they do ask me for or require credit for their article, I won’t post it to this site unless I do provide that for them.

If I link out to any products on my blog which make me money, I will notify you of such a link at the bottom of a post.

If you have any questions, please visit my contact page.

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