Outdoor Room Ideas – Get Inspired and Transform Your Backyard

Outdoor Room Ideas – Get Inspired and Transform Your Backyard

Let’s talk about exploring the “Outdoor Room” for Great Ideas…

Celebrate spring and summer by expanding your mind and your mood by opening your entire home to the beauty of the outdoors with an outdoor room. For inspiration, tune in to Jamie Durie’s HGTV show, “The Outdoor Room.”


Jamie uses his expertise as a landscape designer for the stars to create tantalizing relaxing and entertaining spaces that are a visual treat and a must-have for your dream home. You can get more information at http://www.hgtv.com/the-outdoor-room-with-jamie-durie/show/index.html.

Reimagine Jamie’s Designs for Your Home

The beauty of Jamie’s designs is that they are fully scalable and doable on any budget, if you use your imagination. His design for an indoor/outdoor bedroom with pergola canopy, swinging chairs and mattress floor is particularly enticing as it can be easily modified to conform to your environment and backyard space. All you really need is an outdoor area, mattress and flowers or greenery that will grow in your climate.

Adapt for Your Locale and Use Time Saver Shortcuts

He starts with a large mossy enclosure set with orchids. If you live in an area where orchids cannot flourish, substitute another flower or choose easy to maintain ferns or ivy. If building a wall studded with flowers is daunting, as it would be for most of us, adapt the idea by constructing a tiered wall using concrete blocks or milk crates and wood planks. Remember, your enclosure only needs to be a little larger than your mattress.

Fill the spaces on your easy-build shelves with potted flowers. Place a well-used mattress or futon covered with a plastic protective sheet in the middle. Affordable inflatable mattresses are also a good option, particularly if you purchase one without a brushed cotton surface.

If you want more space, plan for more than one mattress. Cover it with comfy but worn out quilts, and you will have an outdoor nap and reading area that will constantly call to you.

If you have the time and energy, definitely build yourself a wooden canopy and install the swinging chairs or other type of swing. Kids will love this area as they can swing and drop to safety on the mattresses. Everyone in the family will be fighting to use this area, but that’s kind of the idea, right?

Build a Reclining Swing

DIYers can build an amazing outdoor relaxation area by creating a platform for old mattresses and comfy cushions and pillows from cedar or pine. This allows you to avoid the expense of a hammock.

If you have an existing pergola, it is easy to install a reclining swing by suspending it from chains. The pillows add a festive touch and can be stored in a plastic container with lid when not in use. You can also suspend a swing from existing trees.

Quick Outdoor Enclosures

If you’ve been dreaming about a backyard gazebo but can’t bring yourself to shoulder the expense, consider a more modest canopied enclosure that will cost much less (check this one out). By using a basic A-frame shape and raised platform, you can create a retreat in your backyard. You can use old sheets to form a roof and sides.

For another short cut, build a platform and surround it with four poles. Pre-constructed wooden pallets can also serve as a handy platform for mattresses and cushions.

Build your platform big enough for relaxing furniture like inflatable mattresses, bean bag chairs and old sofas, etc. Make sure it’s strong enough to support several people’s weight. Similar DIY projects on the Internet will give you an idea of the thickness of the planks you will need.

You can suspend sheets or thin bedspreads from the poles surrounding your platform by stringing lines or wire from pole to pole. Form a canopy by stretching a sheet from each of the four corners.

An Outdoor Living Room on a Budget

Summer entertaining is a breeze when you have an outdoor room that doubles as a conversation area. You can put one together on a budget for your next party or to welcome drop in friends. Don’t hesitate to use found objects and thrift store steals.

You can create festive side tables from milk crates by covering them with old sheets using a staple gun. Old sofas help create a great outdoor living room. Decorate with a worn bedspread and colourful pillows. Cover with plastic sheeting when not in use.

You can create ambience in your outdoor area with various outdoor lighting techniques. The simplest is to use tiny white Christmas lights, coloured lights or paper lanterns. There are also several solar alternatives available.

Once you see the easy ways you can makeover and reimagine your yard, it will motivate you to take a little time to transform your space to maximize your outdoor time this spring and summer. Visit HGTV.com for outdoor room ideas from Jamie Durie and other featured designers. Have a relaxing season.

This article was written by Tony Palmer from Living Environs, Perth landscaping experts. You can catch Tony on Google+ and LinkedIn as well.

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