Raise it Up: What is Raised Beds Gardening?

Raise it Up: What is Raised Beds Gardening?

Gardening has become one of the most loved hobbies and passions of homeowners today. It’s a good way to relax, a productive way to spend spare time and also, a great way to add beauty to your home. Through the years, various gardening types have been created and raised beds gardening is one of them.

What is raise beds gardening? This type of gardening is where you plant your crops in the elevated part of the soil. You can make use of planter boxes or you can construct the area by yourself.

There are numerous benefits that a gardener can get in using this gardening type. Here are a few:

Let’s Talk About Benefits

  • It allows you to have your own mix of the fertile soil elevated from the ground. This is appropriate if your soil in the ground is not in good condition. With raised beds, you can grow your own healthy group of plants.
  • It keeps you organized. You can easily plant one type of plant on one side and another plant on the other. You can plant tomatoes on the other side and plant pepper on the other.
  • Dead leaves or stems retain in the area, making it less difficult for you to clean the garden.
  • If you plan to grow plants that need a high pH level in the soil, then you can make use of one bed that specifically has the soil needed by the plants.  Through this, you can have various types of plants in various conditions in one garden.
  • There is a less possibility of soil erosion during heavy rains.
  • Pests do not have access to your plants.
  • If you live in an apartment, then you can easily incorporate this gardening type to your small space. You can have it on your patio or deck and you can have various plants such as herbs, flowers and vegetables.

This can solve gardening problems such as low quality of soil, low quality of drainage system and occurrence of various pests in a garden. If you are planning to have raised beds, you must consider if this is the type of garden that meet your needs. Here are some aspects you might want to consider before making your final decision:


Raised beds can be constructed from different sturdy materials such as bamboo, wood and rocks. From ingenious methods, one can make use of various materials to build their own beds. If you opt to choose wood, make sure it is not chemically-treated because it might damage your plants once you use it.

Soil Type

The type of soil can greatly influence the construction of your bed. If you have low quality of soil in your area then raised beds are the great solution. As mentioned, you can have various types of plant in just one garden.

When your bed is constructed, you can fill it up with the type of soil that is suitable for the growth of your plant. If you plants need acidic soil, then you can make one bed specially made for that certain condition.


The beds quickly dry out so you need to water your plants at least two times a day. However, you can solve this by placing your irrigation system in the perfect spot to minimize the water consumption.

Raised beds are very appropriate during rainy days. This could improve the drainage system and the productivity of your crops.


Space is really an essential aspect to consider. Make sure to determine how wide or how small the area you plan to put your bed is.

You might as well measure the area in order to build beds that will perfectly fit the spot. This can enhance the look of your beds and the area.

Many gardeners choose raised bed gardening because it is convenient and they have the freedom to choose their own plants. Make sure to consider the aspects mentioned above to make sure that your raised garden a blooming success.

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