Terms of Use

Terms of Use

I’m not sure if I even need this page but other sites I visit frequently have one so here we go…

By reading my site, you agree and acknowledge that I’m not a professional who can give you professional advice. I’m in the trade of landscaping but I’m not a professional landscaper. Any content on this site which you read is provided as information only and if you try to implement any of the information found on this site, you agree to not hold me or anyone who writes articles on this site liable for any loss, damage, or anything else of that nature to whatever it is you do with the information on this site.

If you are under the age of 18, please leave this site and use someone else’s site. Sorry about that, I just see that mentioned elsewhere so I figured I’d make that part of my terms as well.

Understand that I moderate all comments posted to my blog. Should you leave a comment I or otherwise owner, moderator, or author of Esotalk.com have the right to either allow your comment to be posted or reject it. If you spam this site in the comment section, we may ban your IP address from ever reaching it again.

If you submit a guest blog post, you agree that the content of that post will be the ownership of this site, Esotalk.com and not be published anywhere else. No spun or otherwise not original content is allowed to be submitted as a guest post. All guest posts must be 100% original and ownership rights must be transferred to Esotalk.com.

If you don’t agree to any of these terms, please leave this website.

If you would like to offer up a guest post, please see this post here.

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