Using Water in the Landscape

Using Water in the Landscape

water-featureSo often we visit a garden and see a stunning pond or waterfall and dream about sitting by the same pond in our own backyards, only to be woken up by thoughts of the maintenance and expense that goes along with it.

Thankfully there are many options available to bring water into the landscape and the reality is, it isn’t quite as expensive or cumbersome as you might have thought.

First though, let’s consider why you might want to have a water feature as part of your landscape.

  • A water feature can help to create a focal point in the garden.
  • A water feature creates sound, almost like music playing in the garden!
  • Water naturally attracts birds and wildlife.
  • A water feature helps to create a relaxing environment.

Any ONE of these reasons would convince me to have a water feature in my yard!

Bringing wildlife into my yard and having the sound of running water are both so relaxing and so natural – it definitely brings the feel of the “country” into any urban yard!

So now that you know WHY you want a water feature, let’s discover the types of water features that are available:

Fountains: Fountains are a great way to introduce water to the garden. Fountains come in all shapes and sizes and fit almost every budget! Made of a variety of materials from resin to ceramic to brass, fountains are generally sold as a complete kit so you just plug it in, fill with water and enjoy.

Container Water Gardens: Container Water Gardens allow you to recreate the beauty of a pond in a container/planter on your deck or patio. Very easy to maintain – with the right mix of plants and fish there is basically no maintenance but adding water.

Fountainscapes: Unlike a regular fountain, a Fountainscape is a permanent structure in the garden and is fed water through an underground reservoir. Easy to install, generally taking just a few hours. Many styles of fountains can be used: bubbling rocks, urns, sculptures, basalt columns.

Pondless Systems: Allows you to have the beauty of a pond/stream/waterfall without the need for a pond as the system works on a recirculating and reservoir. Comes in a variety of sizes and can be installed virtually anywhere, even in the smallest backyards! Very cost effective as they require less labor and materials than a regular pond and can provide enhanced safety around small children.

Eco System Ponds: With an Eco System Pond, the pond is built around the idea of creating a natural ecosystem. The pond becomes a part of the natural habitat and a place for wildlife to find food and shelter. Eco System Ponds are very low maintenance and are chemical free.

Decisions and Garden Maintenance

Once you’ve decided what type of water feature you would like you then have to decide on where you would like to place it in your yard. Remember to think about things such as tree debris (falling leaves, etc), garden maintenance as well as where you will best enjoy the view of the water feature from – both from outside as well as from inside the house.

A water feature is a wonderful investment and a great addition to any yard. It is sure to bring you and your family joy for many years to come. A good landscape design company can help get it done if you’re not sure how to get it all set up yourself.

Image Credit: ell-r-brown

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